Is your community safe from sewage?

ManwithssoOn January 19, 2013 BBWK received a citizen tip of a sewage leak in Key Biscayne. It was not until several people called the authorities that the county sent workers to come address the spill. BBWK normally receives County notices of a spill but on this occasion we did not receive a report. This lack of timely notice and response can increase health risks to citizens and increase pollution to waterways.

A local resident informed BBWK that this event occurred due to power failure at a pump station and that the reason the County did not respond quickly is because the alarm that alerts the central agency of a failure is also dependent on a power source. This kind of mismanagement is bad enough; but mismanagement of a sewage system in need of urgent repairs is unacceptable.

SSOinstreetFor our communities to thrive and grow, we cannot have sewage spilling in to our streets or waterways. We must call on the County to address this kind of mismanagement in a transparent and timely manner. For those of you who live on Key Biscayne, did you know about this incident? We are all affected by this issue and we are all stakeholders in the place we live, work and recreate. Use your voice and call on our local decision-makers to properly address these issues, include the public and remedy this situation with long-term, viable strategies. No more band-aids for this decades-old problem.

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